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Welcome to A-Plus Scietificâ„¢

A-Plus Scietificâ„¢ offers a comprehensive range of chemistry products and services tailored to the drug discovery and biotechnology sector. Since 2008 Verte Labs has been at the forefront of innovative heterocyclic building block design, fuelled by the desire to access novel molecules of pharmaceutical interest. Verte Labs working around the clock to the needs of the medicinal chemist and is designed to expedite the drug discovery process through:
Verte Labs is proud to offer a selection of new, unique reactive intermediates each month as part of its promise to constantly deliver innovative new compounds for drug discovery research.

* Organic compounds for biological screening
* Building blocks and intermediates for combinatorial chemistry
* Reliable supply and re-supply
* Custom synthesis in g-kg scales
* Research & process development contracts
* Scientific Equipment

A-Plus Scietific delivers the latest in equipment and supplies to the science community. We offer individualized customer service, innovative scientific equipment, and a comprehensive catalog offering a wide selection of product listings at a great deal.
A-Plus Scietific is committed to offering quality laboratory products while catering to the unique needs of the individual customer. We deliver everything you need from all of your favorite and trusted suppliers, including Siemens, TA Instruments,Sanyo,Carl Zeiss, Fuji, General Electric, Hitachi, Kimble-Chase, Thermo Scientific, Wheaton etc..